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The Price of Our Silence (Paperback)   


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Author Hanadi Falki
  • ISBN : 9789352660339
  • Language : English
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More Information about International Finance: Theory and Policy, 10th ed.

  • Hanadi Falki
  • 9789352660339
  • English
  • Prabhat Prakashan
  • 2017
  • 248
  • Soft Cover


Is silence ever the answer? How would you react when you know that one of your best friends is lying to you?  Who would you trust?
Working on top Hollywood projects in the 3D stereoscopy industry is not as rewarding as Zuby thought. Along with mounting work pressure and an arranged marriage to escape from, Zuby is forced to either speak up or accept her fate silently. The hidden truths and half lies from her best friends, Adi and Tanya, only make matters worse. Will Adi owe up to his dark secret? Will Tanya accept the reality finally? 
With  a  professional background from 3D Stereoscopy industry, Hanadi Falki has brought to life an engaging account of the lives of these youngsters in The Price of Our Silence as they face to the industry's dark secrets of exploitation, favouritism and company politics.



1. A Fresh Start — Pg. 13

2. The Kick-Off — Pg. 19

3. The Real Winner — Pg. 27

4. A Walk to Remember — Pg. 38

5. Tête-à-tête — Pg. 47

6. The Bonds We Form — Pg. 56

7. A Breath of Fresh Air — Pg. 72

8. The Gift of Time — Pg. 82

9. Come Home to Pa — Pg. 92

10. Shitty Mess! — Pg. 101

11. U Dere? — Pg. 116

12. Return to a Change — Pg. 123

13. Arranged Marriage Fiasco — Pg. 129

14. Surprises — Pg. 142

15. Sparks Ignited on Diwali — Pg. 149

16. With You, Always — Pg. 160

17. Changes Everywhere — Pg. 173

18. The Hullabaloo — Pg. 185

19. Look Me in the Eye — Pg. 194

20. Wakeup Call — Pg. 205

21. A New Dawn — Pg. 216

22. Is This It? — Pg. 226

23. Best Wishes — Pg. 234

24. Glossary — Pg. 241

The Author

Hanadi Falki

Hanadi is a recipient of the University Gold Medal for English Literature (Aligarh Muslim University, Batch 2007) and acted as a Cultural Ambassador for a semester  at  University  of Wisconsin, U.S.A. 
Over the years, she had a varied and stimulating career – from being a Communications Director, an Editor and Digital Content Specialist to a Stereo Compositor and a Rotoscopy artist. She revived her passion for writing in 2013 when she quit her 3D animation and VFX career to get a Masters degree in Creative Writing from Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. Hanadi has now returned to India where she has been busy writing.

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