Flames of Paradise

Flames of Paradise

Author: Tanuja Shankar Khan
ISBN: 9788184302851
Language: English
Edition: 1st
Publication Year: 2014
Pages: 128
Binding Style: Hard Cover
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The novel ‘Flames of Paradise’ is an adventure romance set in the turbulent terrorist infested Kashmir. The story revolves around the feisty young woman Snigdha, who is a professional cinematographer and who bags a plum project of a documentary drama to make in the disturbed land of Srinagar. She lands up in Srinagar to film the documentary only to find that a very tense situation awaits them there. One of the most infamous terrorist outfits ‘Qurban E Jihad’ and ‘Al Faran’ are on an abduction spree.
Snighdha encounters an educated, enigmatic young man, whose identity she is not sure of but who makes her heart beat faster. In the course of their shooting, Snigdha gets abducted and to her horror she realizes that the man she had felt a sharp attraction for, is none other than the man who has played a major role in her abduction. She runs away from the camp in the midst of thick, eerie jungles.
She is followed and saved by none other than the man who she hates most in the world, called Roshan Khan. She is shocked to realize that he has not come to kill her but to protect her from the stealthily following terrorists. The story thereafter oscillates between danger and adventure, between hatred and attraction, like and dislike, admiration and mistrust. Would Snigdha come to know who Roshan is? Why is a terrorist protecting her? Would Snigdha reach her destination safely? Or would the terrorists following her catch her? The story of ‘Flames of Paradise’ unfolds with each step Snigdha takes in the deadly, dark jungle, where she is torn between love and hate, doubt and faith.

The Author
Tanuja Shankar Khan

Born on 13th May, 1968, Tanuja Shankar Khan, was brought up at Patna, where she stayed till 1996 with her family. Masters in English Literature from Patna University and Diploma Holder in Mass Communication, Tanuja was brought up in a very academic and artistic environment, where she along with her three more, bright siblings was given all opportunities to participate in various forms of performing arts and media like Theater, Music, Drama, Radio, Writing and Television by her erudite parents. Starting her career from media education by teaching at the prestigious Patna Women's College till 1996, she entered television and created content for various TV channels and production houses creating lifestyle programming, documentaries. Her feature length film is also ready for release. At present she is working as Channel Advisor, at Doordarshan National, New Delhi. ‘Flames of Paradise’ is her first novel, after being into writing of short stories and scripts for last 20 years.

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