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101 Weight Loss Tips   


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Author Anil Chaturvedi
  • ISBN : 9789351866077
  • Language : English
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More Information about International Finance: Theory and Policy, 10th ed.

  • Anil Chaturvedi
  • 9789351866077
  • English
  • Prabhat Prakashan
  • 2016
  • 240
  • Hard Cover


“If eating less is a punishment, eating more is surely a crime.”
Dr. Anil Chaturvedi has succinctly put his thoughts in these words. One is constantly warned that excess of everything is bad: especially eating. Since the last 10-15 years, the lifestyle of people has changed drastically. It is fraught with mental tension and sedentary life, which completely rules out time for physical exercise or any physical activity that could help burn calories and mitigate health problems.
The author of this book has penned down, after great research, some measures which can reduce fat and help one maintain good health. In addition, he has explained in detail the causes and resultant effects of obesity. 
These have been carried out based on various components of health. He has given information regarding BMI, proteins, carbohydrates, caloric value of food and how to calculate them. Besides this, he has given schedule of controlled diets also.
A practical handbook for losing weight and be healthy.


Contents 51. Lose Weight by Yoga—129
Preface—5 52. Control Weight after Quitting Smoking—132
1. Why Perfect Weight is a Necessity?—11 53. Lose Weight by Naturopathy, Ayurveda and Homeopathy—134
2. Is your Weight Right?—13 54. Drink Tea Without Milk—136
3. Deficiency of Carbohydrates is Dangerous!—16 55. Losing Weight by Diet Control is not Good—138
4. Prepare Diary Notes for Diet and Exercise—18 56. Domestic Methods to Lose Weight—140
5. Lose Weight by Powerful Diet—20 57. Eat Right to Lose Weight—142
6. Determination is a Pre-requisite—23 58. Have Good Habits to Lose Weight—144
7. Lose Weight by Foods—26 59. Sleep Well to Lose Weight—146
8. Use Aerobics to Lose Weight—28 60. Plan Diet to Lose Weight—148
9. Massage to Lose Weight—30 61. Lose Weight Around Waist and Abdomen—150
10. Trivial but Important Points—32 62. Effective Measures—152
11. Morning Walk—34 63. Eat Spicy to Lose Weight—154
12. Fasting: A Way to Lose Weight—37 64. Use Coconut Oil in Cooking—156
13. Calorie-based Food—39 65. Useful Points—158
14. Be Strong and Attractive—41 66. Be Creative to Lose Weight—160
15. Control Weight, Live Longer!—43 67. Swing and Hang—162
16. How to Identify Obesity?—45 68. Eat Breakfast to Lose Weight—164
17. Should Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats be given up to Lose Weight?—47 69. Dance to Lose Weight—166
18. Few Exercises in Aerobics—50 70. Beverages for Weight Loss—168
19. Lose Weight by Planning—53 71. Quit Sweets to Lose Weight—170
20. Adopt Easy Methods—55 72. Swim to Lose Weight—172
21. Do Pole Dance and Lose Weight—57 73. Some Useful Tips—174
22. Lose Weight by Yoga—59 74. What Balanced Diet Is—176
23. How Children can Lose Weight?—61 75. Planned Exercise and Lose Weight—178
24. Care in Eating—64 76. Exercise Intensifies Calorie Consumption—180
25. Mistakes that Lead to Weight Gain—67 77. Lose Weight with Good Carbohydrates—182
26. Lose Weight During Thyroid—69 78. Bad Carbohydrates—184
27. Seven Rules to Avoid Weight Gain—72 79. Know the Value of Calorie—186
28. Five Foods to Lose Weight—75 80. What Calorie Is—188
29. Drink Soup to Lose Weight—77 81. Calorie Value of Food—190
30. Daily Routine and Weight Loss—79 82. Dietary Recommendations—198
31. Dietary Rules—81 83. Reliable Diet Control Scheme—200
32. New Diet Plan to Lose Weight—83 84. Controlled Diet Scheme-1—202
33. How to Eat—86 85. Controlled Diet Scheme-2—204
34. Shrinking Age, Expanding Waist—88 86. Controlled Diet Scheme-3—206
35. How to Select a Gym—91 87. Controlled Diet Scheme-4—208
36. Regular Exercise—94 88. Keep Cholesterol Under Control—210
37. Manage Carbohydrates—96 89. Relation Between Fat and Obesity—212
38. Do Garudasana to Lose Weight—99 90. Calorie Calculation of Different Foods—214
39. Drink Protein Shake to Lose Weight—102 91. Calorie and Obesity—216
40. Adopt GM Diet to Lose Weight—104 92. How to Prevent Increasing Fat—218
41. Dietary Myths—108 93. Use Fibre Diet—219
42. How the Elderly Can Lose Weight—110 94. Dietary Myths—221
43. Avoid These Mistakes—112 95. Get Rid of Dietary Myths—223
44. How to Lose Extra Fat—114 96. Burn Calories to Stay Fit—225
45. Lose Weight by Surgery—116 97. How to Choose Shoes for Walking—227
46. How to Control Weight in Winters—118 98. Liposuction to Lose Weight Quickly—229
47. Medicines the Culprit—121 99. Ayurveda to Lose Weight—231
48. Know Your Metabolism—123 100. Control Eating Useless Things—232
49. Know BMI—125 101. Importance of Protein in Weight Loss—234
50. How to Lose Weight After Delivery—127  

The Author

Anil Chaturvedi

Dr. Anil Chaturvedi (MBBS, M.D), is a distinctive name in the Medical Industry. This medical advisor cum cardiologist has also served as Vice-Dean to Indian College of Physician from 2008 to 2010. Dr. Chaturvedi was selected as Vice-President to Indian Academy of Clinical Medicine 2009-10 for his prolific contribution in medical science.
He has been Consultant to numerous Hospitals including Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre & Indraprastha Apollo Hospital located in the heart New Delhi. Apart from being a Medical consultant in hospitals, Dr. Anil promoted his concern through writing as Medical Advisor in the leading newspaper ‘Times of India’ for a very long time.
The proficient cardiologist is also an ex-member of National Commission of Macro Economics of Health, an important enterprise under the Govt. of India. Besides that, Dr. Anil is honored with numerous awards given on National & State level both for his commendable service.

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