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When Lord Krishna Walked The Earth


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Author Aroona Reejhsinghani
  • ISBN : 9788184302233
  • Language : English
  • Publisher : Prabhat Prakashan
  • Edition : 2013
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More Information about International Finance: Theory and Policy, 10th ed.

  • Aroona Reejhsinghani
  • 9788184302233
  • English
  • Prabhat Prakashan
  • 2013
  • 2013
  • 272
  • Hard Cover
  • 565 Grams


Krishna is the father of complete cosmic manifestation, yet he went without food many times.
Krishna has sweet and caring nature, therefore he helps Sonu a polio victim to win a marathon in school and teaches an AIDS victim positive thinking to get over her disease.
Lord Krishna is subject to limitations, therefore He could not give life to a man on death bed; neither could he prevent deaths of people in a bomb blast in a five star hotel. He couldn’t even help Himself and was badly injured.
If you go forward 1 step, Krishna goes forward 10 steps. He helps His true bhaktas always, He became a model to buy an artificial leg for a rickshaw puller, He also became a thief to help one of His bhaktas to meet her son before dying.
There are many such incidents which will make you laugh sometimes and cry sometimes; you will bite your nails in anticipation.
There are many more beautiful incidents which will make you closer to Krishna."



Introduction —Pgs. 7

1. God Comes Down on Earth and Witnesses the Bombing of Twin Towers —Pgs. 11

2. God Answers All the Questions which Plague a Human Mind —Pgs. 24

3. God is Caught in a Bomb Blast in the Train —Pgs. 33

4. God Boards a Train for Delhi —Pgs. 36

5. From Delhi, God goes to Strife Torn Valley of Kashmir —Pgs. 41

6. God Visits the Hideout of Terrorists in Kashmir —Pgs. 52

7. God Brings a Change of Heart in the Don —Pgs. 59

8. God Saves a Woman from Being Run Over by a Train —Pgs. 67

9. God Celebrates Janmashtami–His Own Birthday —Pgs. 71

10. God goes to Watch Govindas and Saves a Boy —Pgs. 77

11. God is Caught in Bombing of a Hotel in Bombay —Pgs. 81

12. God Accompanies Dr. Mohammed to a Page-3 Party —Pgs. 90

13. God Helps a Call Girl to Develop Her Will to Live —Pgs. 97

14. God Unveils the Secrets Behind Miracles Taking Place in the World —Pgs. 105

15. God Saves a Girl from the Rapists —Pgs. 109

16. God Gives a Sermon —Pgs. 114

17. God Visits Calcutta —Pgs. 119

18. God is in Need of Money and Therefore He is Looking Out for a Job —Pgs. 124

19. God Becomes a Model —Pgs. 127

20. God Helps Sonu, a Polio Victimto Win a Marathon —Pgs. 131

21. God Cures an AIDS Victim —Pgs. 138

22. God Teaches Karmic Law to a Terminally Ill Patient —Pgs. 147

23. God Eats with a Beggar His Frugal Fare of Dal and Rice —Pgs. 152

24. God is Admitted to a Hospital —Pgs. 157

25. God Visits a Gurudwara —Pgs. 168

26. God Saves a Young Boy from Committing Suicide —Pgs. 173

27. God Helps a Disabled Man to Get Married —Pgs. 180

28. God Turns a Thief to Fulfill the Wishes of a Dying Woman —Pgs. 187

29. God Transforms the Lives of Dalits who Live in a Remote Village —Pgs. 193

30. God Establishes a Model School Where Both Dalits and Upcaste Hindus Learn Together —Pgs. 202

31. On Completion of One Year the School Holds a Big Celebration —Pgs. 206

32. God Orders Kamdev to Find a Soul Mate for Najma Appa —Pgs. 212

33. Kamdev Finds a Soul Mate for Najma Appa as Ordered by God —Pgs. 217

34. God Tries to Give Life to a Greviously Injured Man but Fails in His Endeavour —Pgs. 225

35. God Visits Andaman and Nicobar Islands and is Caught in a Sunami —Pgs. 229

36. God Releases a Soul from the Ties of this Earth and Sends Her on Her Onward Journey —Pgs. 238

37. God Saves a Goat from Being Slaughtered —Pgs. 243

38. God is Threatened by the Terrorist —Pgs. 247

39. God is Greviously Hurt in a Terrorist Attack —Pgs. 261

40. God Leaves the Earth and Returns to Heaven —Pgs. 268

Glossary —Pgs. 271

The Author

Aroona Reejhsinghani

Aroona Reejsinghani is a prolific writer. She has penned down more than 229 books on various subjects. Besides books she has written more than 50,000 articles. She won the first prize in All India Writing Competition when she was just ten. Her first book was published at the young age of eighteen.She has been contributing regularly for columns in many newspapers and magazines.She was editor-in-chief of ‘Cuisine Magazine’—India’s first magazine on foods. Subsequently she founded ‘Aroona’s World of Food’ and a tabloid ‘News Unlimited’.In 1991 her name was entered in the Limca book of records. In 2007, she was conferred with the honourary doctorate of literature by World Academy of Arts and Culture Paris, recognized by UNESCO.In 2008 she was honoured with the lifetime achievement award by ABI, :

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