Salt & Pepper

Salt & Pepper   

Author: Pushplata Jawa
ISBN: 9789351864929
Language: English
Edition: 1
Publication Year: 2015
Pages: 80
Binding Style: Hard Cover
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The book sails you through the intrinsic journey of life in its culminating facet.
Life is a celebration in itself. Every dawn brings new opportunities and as one grows and matures in life, it is time to nourish the soul. The greying hair is a mark of a life well lived. Embrace it in all humility. Return to society at least a part of what one has received and celebrate the human within.
It is also time to begin the inward journey. The time to introspect, meet the person within and be in conversation with one’s truest self. The child within who is lurking inside and the core from which one drifted. Life in its crests and troughs has ensured a rounding up of the rough edges and now is the time to contemplate. Nourish the soul with love, beauty and laughter. Silent meditation will lead to answers within. Happiness and contentment will come from within. Peace too, is within. Be at peace with yourself and you will be at peace with those around you.

The Author
Pushplata Jawa

Born in the year 1935, Pushplata Jawa rose to be a great educationist in India and was decorated with the ‘Sahitya Ratna Award’. As an activist, she untiringly contributed in the literacy mission, particularly for the benefit of under privileged children. Her poems have been published in both Hindi and English.

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