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Time Management for Students   


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Author Mamta Mehrotra
  • ISBN : 9789352665587
  • Language : English
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More Information about International Finance: Theory and Policy, 10th ed.

  • Mamta Mehrotra
  • 9789352665587
  • English
  • Prabhat Prakashan
  • 2018
  • 136
  • Hard Cover


Successful people control their time on their own while the time of unsuccessful people is controlled by others. The reason behind the success story of successful people is their ‘time management’. In reality, it is very important to discipline life, achieve success and to live a comfortable life. If we make time management an important factor in our life, then we will have sufficient time to complete every work. Those people who don’t work according to the time management always cry for the unavailability of time.
Students should work only 
in  accordance  with  time-management because it is very important for them and will help them in achieving success. To make sure, students should make a time planner for the whole year, which carries information on what things should be done everyday. The planner should be prepared in such a way that before the commencement of final exams, each topic has been revised at least four times. There is only one simple solution which states that, before sleeping, one should take half-an-hour for revision to what he has studied in a whole day.
Time management is the key to life’s success. Further, in this book, you will get a deep analysis of time management and I am sure this is going to help you a lot.



 Why this Book—5

 My Words—9

1. Time Management, Life Management—13

2. Gandhiji and Time Management—23

3. Time Management is Victory—30

4. The Most Important Wealth – Time—35

5. Fruitful Utilisation of Time is the Mantra  for Success—44

6. Time Management Brings Self-confidence—54

7. Starting from Step One—61

8. Time Management and Determination—70

9. Time Management and Multi-tasking—76

10. Classification of Works—85

11. Understand the Limits of Time—95

12. Time does not Wait for Anyone—101

13. Proper Utilisation of Time—107

14. Time that Passes Away will not Come Back—117

15. Value of Time – Proverbs—128

The Author

Mamta Mehrotra

Mamta Mehrotra is the Administrative Head of D.A.V. Public School in Patna. She is an active worker fighting for the cause of women on various issues. As a counsellor for cases in domestic violence, she has worked in an NGO Surya Mahila Koshang.
She is a versatile writer. Many of her short stories have been published in Kadambini, local newspapers and other magazines of national repute. Besides this, she has been an editor of various magazines such as Samajik Parivesh and Vartman Sandarbha. She also writes columns on Human Rights for Ganadesh.
A Ph.D. on her works has been awarded and is to be published in 8 Indian languages.
Associated with S.C.E.R.T. (State Centre for Education Research and Training) she writes course books from class I‑IX in English. She has written several books in English and Hindi on Gender issues.

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