The Break Up (PB)

The Break Up (PB)   

Author: Vijayendra Haryal
ISBN: 9788184301335
Language: English
Edition: 1
Publication Year: 2012
Pages: 160
Binding Style: Soft Cover
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This book attempts in right earnest to take you through the pursuit of love and its various ‘interpretations’ by means of 21 short stories and 7 poems. You may identify yourself with a character, either in full or part, in a story or may be many stories. You may smile, laugh, cry, rejoice and be one with your inner self. Or you may just shrug it off as ‘cheesy’ and ‘childish’! Whatever may be the case, I believe, it will be an ‘amusing’ experience.
Emotions are what make us human, and life worth living. Love of all, is proclaimed to be the purest. With patience dwindling fast and faith fading away, bonds for a life-time are broken in just a few months or even in a matter of days, more frequently than ever before. The story ‘The Break Up’is a mirror to the guy and gal ‘interpreting’ relationship differently and then breaking up. Beside this story, you may find in some stories, a glimpse of love which goes beyond just a ‘guy’ and ‘gal’ relationship. A sincere effort is aimed at bringing out a ‘holistic’ view of the emotion.

The Author
Vijayendra Haryal

"Vijayendra Haryal: A Mechanical Engineer from IIT Kharagpur, he is from the Class of 2008, IIM Ahmedabad. He is now working as a Global Executive Manager with a leading global IT services company. He is co-founder of the non-profit website dedicated to the social (development) sector. His alternative interests are Social Media and Social Enterprise. An ardent observer of ‘creative pursuits’ (Entrepreneurship, writing, music, sketching hence on and so forth), he believes that there is some method to what the world perceives as 'madness'. He can be reached at
Anandan Pillai is presently a PhD student (Marketing) at Management Development Institute, Gurgaon. He is a Masters in Business Administration (Marketing) and Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) from Gujarat University. He has worked as Academic Associate with Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad for two years. His research interests are social media marketing, content strategy, online brand communities. He is a social media enthusiast and loves having discussions on various social media channels. He could be followed on Twitter at @anandan22."

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