Mantras Of Success (PB)

Mantras Of Success (PB)   

Author: Sanjay Chadha
ISBN: 8184300441
Language: English
Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan
Edition: 1
Publication Year: 2010
Pages: 160
Binding Style: Soft Cover
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In this world of ever growing competition and the race for reaching successful heights in life, it has been the first and foremost ambition of each constituent of our Society to look for ways to achieve goals in a short span of time but also to reach them in a substantial extent also.
While embroiled in our day to day problems and the I innumerable nit-bits those are part of it, we spend our energy in always dreaming about these ambitions.
We are hardly ever active and energetic enough to achieve those dreams which, although are unbelievable, are always within one's reach albeit with our perseverance, punctuality, hard work, diligence in general and honesty in particular.
The writer has made an effort to convey the message through this book, after experiencing its results in his own life with the sanguine hope and best wishes for similar results for all its Readers. The writer has also suggested a number of Mantras which are self-tried and hare shown successful results.

The Author
Sanjay ChadhaSanjay Chadha

An enterprising businessman and a contented personality in life has reached the position where one wishes to share all his experiences and its results, with the society only in order to try to repay the debts of God Almighty.
The writer has tried to convey that happiness and contentment in life are not only achieved through material success but also considerably lie in the mind itself.

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