Improve Your Word Power

Improve Your Word Power   

Author: Subhash Jain
ISBN: 9789352660056
Language: English
Publication Year: 2017
Pages: 468
Binding Style: Hard Cover
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Improve Your Word Power combines the ‘tried-and-tested’ methods of teaching with the latest modern methods of vocabulary building and English instruction. All of the text, all the words taught and examples given, and all the word puzzles have been carefully selected to help the reader master a large vocabulary and the rules of good English.
The purpose of this book is very simple—to help one master the English language quickly, easily, and thoroughly. If you are a poor speaker or writer, this book will help you become a good one. If you are a good speaker and writer, it will help you become a better one. It will help you to increase that vital asset – your Word Power. Then, this book can help you by showing you the easy way to word power. The book gives you concise, easy-to-remember explanations of one basic group of vocabulary words or of one basic problem in English.

The Author
Subhash JainSubhash Jain

Being an M. Sc. (Physics) from the University of Rajasthan, Subhash Jain is an experienced educator and teacher-trainer, and an enthusiastic presenter, who has conducted numerous workshops, training seminars, professional development programmes, and consultations for educators and parents for over twenty years. He has also trained teachers of six senior secondary schools of NIMS, Dubai. Some of his papers and articles have been published in national and international newspapers, journals and magazines. One of his published books, How to Prepare for HT-JEE' is an informative/instructive publication for students preparing for the HT-JEE examinations.

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