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How To Face IAS Interview: Character and Nation Building (PB)   


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Author Dr. B. Ramaswamy , Mr. Vishnu Bhagwan , Prof. Dr. G. Bhaskaran
  • ISBN : 9789352666843
  • Language : English
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More Information about International Finance: Theory and Policy, 10th ed.

  • Dr. B. Ramaswamy , Mr. Vishnu Bhagwan , Prof. Dr. G. Bhaskaran
  • 9789352666843
  • English
  • Prabhat Prakashan
  • 2018
  • 248
  • Soft Cover


This book also creates an understanding of interview in its totality. Knowing the types of interviews, the importance of interview, mock interview and bio-data/curriculum vitae is described. The significance of an informational interview is explained and the ways to handle group discussion and interviews are given.—From book



Preface — v

About the Authors — ix

1. How to Face IAS Interview: Character of Nation Building — 1

2. How to Develop Positive Attitude? — 14

3. How to Keep your Motivation High? — 22

4. How to have a Focused Mind? — 31

5. Why DAF Preparation is Important for a Personality Test? — 38

6. Importance of Being a Civil Servant after a Good Performance in Interview — 45

7. All About UPSC IAS Interviews — 52

8. Important Tips for Cracking IAS/IPS Interview — 57

9. Sample Actual Questions Asked at UPSC Interview — 61

10. Types of Questions Asked at the UPSC Interview — 62

11. Important Interview Skills Needed to Clear IAS/IPS Interview — 64

12. Most Recommended Approach and Framework for UPSC Interview Preparation — 68

13. Significance of Comprehending the Phenomenon and Process of IAS/IPS Interview: Role of Communication Skills, Body Language, Time Management and Stress Management — 76

14. Preparing for Personality Test at an IAS Interview: Role of Character and Decision-Making — 93

15. Point-wise Guidelines to Face IAS Interview — 100

16. Significance of Knowing Some Do’s and Don’ts at IAS Interview — 104

17. Ways to Do Better in IAS Interview — 108

18. Importance of Developing Interview Skills among Candidates — 111

19. Guidelines to Enhance Interview Skills — 117

20. How to Rehearse for Civil Services Interview? — 120

21. Tips to Prepare for Proper Answers to Questions during Interview — 122

22. Significance of Knowing the Structure of Interview — 130

23. How to Communicate Effectively in Interview? — 132

24. Interview Practice Makes one Perfect — 134

25. Ways/Tactics to Handle a Panel Interview — 138

26. Questions That You Can Expect at the IAS Interview — 140

27. Frequently Asked Potential Questions during Interview — 144

28. Vital Clues for UPSC Interview — 150

29. Importance of Having the Right Attitude in UPSC’s IAS Interview — 152

30. Importance of Hobby, Character Building and Motivation in IAS Interview — 154

31. Why to Become Civil Servants? — 157

32. Most Significant Guidelines to Prepare for Civil Services Examination — 160

33. Five Good Reasons to Opt for Civil Services as a Career — 162

34. Best Mindset While Preparing for Civil Services Interview — 164

35. Decoding Interview — 166

36. Understanding the Types of Interviews — 174

37. Significance of Mock Interview — 177

38. Significance of Interview — 179

39. Significance of Bio-Data or Curriculum Vitae — 185

40. Importance of an Informational Interview — 191

41. Tips to Undertake Group Discussion and Interviews — 197

42. Stages in Developing Personality  — 200

43. Handling Interview Questions Related to Personality  — 205

44. Important Tips to Learn for the IAS Personality Test — 206

45. Benefits of Preparing Some Important Topics for IAS Interview — 208

46. Model IAS Interview Questions — 210

47. Developing the Best Techniques to Prepare for IAS Interview — 212

48. Best Test of the Personality of an IAS Interview Candidate — 214

49. Learning Tips to Sharpen Your Skills for IAS Interview — 216

50. Significance of Stress Management in Interview — 218

51. IAS Interview: A Concluding Overview — 227

The Author

Dr. B. Ramaswamy

Dr. B. Ramaswamy is a well-known Social Scientist. Till recently, he was Pro-Vice Chancellor of APG Shimla University, Himachal Pradesh. Currently he is a Legal Advisor to Members of Parliament. He has obtained all his qualifications from the reputed institutions and universities such as Loyola College, Delhi School of Economics, etc. Apart from his exemplary achievements in the field of Sociology, academically and professionally, he has several other qualifications and professional achievements in the fields of Disaster Management, Journalism and Mass Communication, Human Rights, IPR, Cyber Law, Personnel Management and Industrial Relations, Vedic Culture, Leadership, Issues of Women and Children, Disability Studies etc. He holds a Doctorate in Sociology from Singhania University, Honorary Doctorate from Cosmopolitan University, USA & Inter-American University of Humanistic Studies, Florida, USA, in the field of Social Science. He was also awarded Honorary Doctorate on Humanities in Apostolic International University, affiliated with and accredited by International Institute of Church Management Inc., Florida, USA. He has guided M. Phil. and Ph. D. scholars on his competent areas. He is a Visiting Fellow, Advisor, Member in several prestigious Institutions both in Government and Private such as IIT Roorkee, YASHADA, Raj Bhawan, Pune and NIPCCD, Govt. of India, Delhi. He has published different articles both in National and International magazines of repute. He continues to write articles to leading magazines and newspapers. Being a renowned Social Scientist, he is an invited Speaker to deliver key note addresses and Chief Guest to various functions, seminars, national and international conferences, Convocations and workshops. He travelled to more than 19 countries to deliver various areas of lectures. He motivates large number of youth including the school children. He makes tremendous impact while delivering each lecture which brings tremendous mind transformation to the youth of India towards nation building. He holds important positions in Government, viz. Member, Maintenance Tribunal- Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizen Act 2007. He also worked as Deputy Chief Warden- Civil Defence Corps, Delhi and as Director in very many Institutions and Private bodies. He was an acting Chairperson, Child Welfare Committee, Government of NCT, Delhi—A Bench of Magistrates constituted under Section 29 of Juvenile Justice. Being an expert Social Scientist and Educationist, he is interviewed regularly by the various electronic media, TV channels and Press. His passion is directed towards our Nation Building through Quality Education especially to those who are deprived of Quality education. He has so far produced more than over 1000 civil service officers in the country. 

Mr. Vishnu Bhagwan

Vishnu Bhagwan IAS retired as a Chief Secretary in Haryana govt, Worked as head of civil service in the State. Apart from functioning as Secretary of the State Cabinet, he coordinated activities of all the departments. His educational background have been BA (Hons) Economics St. Stephens's  Delhi Uni. M.A Economics Delhi School of Economics  Delhi Uni. L.L.B. Law Faculty of Law,  Delhi Uni. M.Phil,  Public Admn. Indian institute of Public Administration Punjab.


Prof. Dr. G. Bhaskaran

Prof. Dr.  Bhaskaran, the internationally well known personality who experiments Indian Culture and Human values with the paradigm of Philosophy is presently the Vice Chancellor of Tamil University, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, an unique Institution that preserves the tradition of Culture, Art and Literary values of classical Tamil language with Research, Teaching and Cultural innovations.


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