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Secrets Of Health   


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Author Kusum Lunia
  • ISBN : 9789352663163
  • Language : English
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More Information about International Finance: Theory and Policy, 10th ed.

  • Kusum Lunia
  • 9789352663163
  • English
  • Prabhat Prakashan
  • 2017
  • 152
  • Hard Cover


Dr. Kusum Lunia has rendered yeoman’s service to the cause of vegetarianism by writing this treatise. She has not only marshalled powerful arguments to prove the benefits of vegetarianism, but has also dealt with the subject in a scientific and clinical manner. Her canvas is vast enough to include all religions and thinkers of east and west in support of their main thesis, that meat-eating is neither ethical nor healthy for human beings.
I am sure this book will be able to persuade many non-vegetarians to accept vegetarianism as their creed. It is only in India that vegetarianism is considered as creed. Vegetarian-ism as a creed is a very special gift of India to the world.
Indian vegtarianism is not born out of any convenience or convention, but it is the outcome of a deep conviction in the principle of non-violence preached by Lord Mahavira. This book should be translated into major foreign languages. This book in English is warmly welcomed because the English-knowing elite in India are more prone to non-vegetarianism. Non-vegetarianism and the awe of English are the twins of hypocrisy among the newly emerging elite of India. Dr. Lunia’s book is an admirable effort at an extraction of the thorn of meat-eating by the other thorn of English.
My best wishes to Dr. Kusum Lunia.
—Dr. V.P. Vaidik



Benediction — Pgs. 7

Foreword — Pgs. 9

The President’s Message — Pgs. 11

Introduction — Pgs. 13

1. Human Body : Structure and Uniqueness — Pgs. 19

2. Diet Discretion : Ethical Viewpoint — Pgs. 28

3. Dietetics: Science of Nutrition — Pgs. 37

4. Vegetarianism : Experimental Facts — Pgs. 48

5. Vegetarianism : Importance in Modern Era — Pgs. 66

6. Non-Vegetarianism : In Different Eyes — Pgs. 114

7. Vegetarianism : Elimination of Misconceptions — Pgs. 124

8. Vegetarianism : How to Adopt? — Pgs. 130

9. Vegetarianism : A Pathway to Golden Future — Pgs. 145

Bibliography — Pgs. 148


The Author

Kusum Lunia

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