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Step By Step Guide to Seo   


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Author Upendra Rana
  • ISBN : 9788184305517
  • Language : English
  • Publisher : Prabhat Prakashan
  • Edition : Ist
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More Information about International Finance: Theory and Policy, 10th ed.

  • Upendra Rana
  • 9788184305517
  • English
  • Prabhat Prakashan
  • Ist
  • 2018
  • 120
  • Hard Cover


This is a hands on, very straight and step by step guide on SEO. Contains in- depth knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Do’s and Don’ts of SEO and SMO. Author has covered all aspects from inception and planning of business, keeping in mind SEO and SMO. Brief knowledge of Affiliated marketing has also been included in this book which will be a practical guide for both—beginners and experts.





1. The Need of Doing an SEO—11

2. The Factors of SEO—12

2.1. SEO Tools—15

3. Picking a Product is a Technique—16

4. Domain Name – Matters a Lot—18

5. Domain Registration & Hosting—19

6. Analytics and Google Console—21

7. Keyword Selection—23

8. Web Page Optimization—24

9. Home Page Optimization—26

10. Site Optimization—27

11. Robots and Sitemap File—29

12. Register with Directories—30

13. Link Building—31

13.1. Link Building-1—31

13.2. Link Building-2—32

14. The Algorithm Changes—37

15. Parts of a Search Engine—39

15.1. A Crawler—39

15.2. The Index and Website Analysis—40

15.3. Website Analysis—40

16. Blogging: An Effective SEO Strategy—41

17. SEO Techniques to Optimize—42

18. Appearing Natural—44

19. Closing Tips—45

20. SEO as a Standalone Product—47

21. The Social Elements of Relevancy—50

22. Starting from Broke—52

23. Questions, Comments and Concerns—54

24. Exchanging Links—57

25. Requesting Links—60

25.1. Be Personal—60

25.2. Proper Link Request Buy Line—60

25.3. E-mail to Use—61

25.4. The Cost of Links—61

25.5. Finding Niche Link Sources—61

25.6. Let the Link Sources Come to You—62

26.  Affiiate Program Links—63

26.1. Cheesy Trick for a Link Exchange—64

26.2. Automated Emails for a Link Exchange—64

26.3. Evolving Link Analysis—65

27. SEO for Firefox—66

28. SEO techniques for Mobile—67

29. Google’s Mobile – Friendly Guidelines—69

29.1. Page Speed Insights—69

29.2. Mobile-Friendly Test—69

29.3. How to be Mobile-Friendly: A Rough Guide—69

30. Approaches to Address the Mobile Users—70

30.1. The Website Must be Accessible to Googleot—70

30.2. No Faulty Redirects and Irrelevant Cross-Links—71

30.3.  No Desktop-Specifi Content—71

30.4. Fast Loading Time—71

31. Heavier Equals Slower—73

32. How to Make Your Brand Helpful in Dealing with Mobile SEO—75

33. Social Media—86

33.1. Link Building Do’s & Don’ts—86

33.2. Preparing for Link Building—86

34. Beginning Link Building—89

35. How the Apps are Ranked—93

34.1. App Reviews and Ratings—93

34.2. Downloads—93

34.3. Long Installs—93

34.4. Uninstalls—93

34.5. Social Signals—93

36. Optimizing for App Store Search—94

36.1. App Title—94

36.2. App Description—94

36.3. App Screenshots—95

36.4. App Icon—95

36.5. App Videos—95

36.5.1. Reviews and Ratings—95

37. Social Signals—98

38. Top Other Techniques of App Promotion—100

38.1. Social Media—101

38.2. Ad Networks—101

38.3. Organic Marketing—101

38.4. Maintaining Loyal Users—102

38.5. Building An App Empire—102

39. Link Building Methods—103

39.1. Directory Link Building—103

39.2. Social Bookmarking—104

39.3. Article Submission—106

39.4. Blog Forum Submissions—107

39.5. Profie Link Building—109

39.6. Competitor Analysis—110

39.7. Link Requests, Guest Blogging and Reciprocal Linking—111

39.8. Press Releases—113

39.9. Paid Linking—115

39.10. Link Wheels—116

39.11. Link Bait—118

40. Conclusion—120

The Author

Upendra Rana

Upendra Singh Rana obtained his BCA, MCA from IME College, Sahibabad. He is an Internet marketer, social media optimiser, guest blogger and online reputation management. SEO is in his blood. He has tried to make this book different in one more way by sharing personal experiences with readers. He has been interviewed by several TV news channels and 90.4 Radio Salam Namaste. His interviews and success stories have been published in several local and national newspapers besides digital media.
Awards: ‘First Indian SEO BOOK Writer’, ‘Digital Marketing expert 2017’, ‘Award from Educational Book Publisher Delhi’, ‘Human Excellence Award’ and ‘Samachar Samvad Excellence Award 2016’.

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