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Magic of the Mind   


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Author Amritanshu Prasad
  • ISBN : 9789352669578
  • Language : English
  • Publisher : Prabhat Prakashan
  • Edition : 1st
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More Information about International Finance: Theory and Policy, 10th ed.

  • Amritanshu Prasad
  • 9789352669578
  • English
  • Prabhat Prakashan
  • 1st
  • 2019
  • 144
  • Hard Cover


Magic of the Mind is an ode to life.
As we go through life with all its characteristic vicissitudes, we keep thinking about the innumerable aspects that life bares before us. It invokes the poet within us and makes us exclaim when we see a piece that touches us—“I also thought likewise”. Looking through life’s kaleidoscope, we discover variegated range of colours, sometimes brilliant, sometimes sombre. The march of time 
takes each one of us through a unique journey which cajoles us, motivates us, inspires us, jolts 
us, warns us, astonishes and 
even regales us. We begin to understand the vast canvas of life that beckons and triggers the creative and innovative spirit in us, enthralls us with the little victories that we score, the little battles that we win using the magical force of the mind. 
The power of the mind is ultimate. Properly leveraged, a simple idea fashioned by the mind can grow in strength, bringing the world to its feet. 
All actions, interventions and strategies start with a simple idea, which like a rivulet, collects pebbles of credence, substance and significance, galloping, romancing and meandering through life, growing in size and making its impact on the world in its stride.
The book is an attempt to sparkle your mind with the magic wand of ideas.



Foreword —Pgs.7

Acknowledgement —Pgs.9

Part 1 : Mind — The Conjurer

The New Millennium Palindrome —Pgs.15

Achieve —Pgs.17

Dream Come True —Pgs.21

Magic of the Mind —Pgs.23

The Question of Dream-run —Pgs.27

The Creativity Crux —Pgs.29

Ace Up Your Sleeve —Pgs.33

The Smell of Success —Pgs.35

Colours —Pgs.37

Real Art —Pgs.41

Virtual Universe —Pgs.43

Part 2 : Mind — Negotiating the Mean Street

Hoodwink —Pgs.49

Admonition —Pgs.53

The Red Carpet —Pgs.55

Zero Sum Game —Pgs.59

The Cycle —Pgs.63

The Death Warrant —Pgs.65

Miracle Baba —Pgs.69

The Guile of the Mobile Phone —Pgs.73

The Common Man —Pgs.75

Part 3 : Mind — In a Pensive Mood

The Time Slip —Pgs.81

Trap-Door —Pgs.85

The Escapist —Pgs.87

The Anatomy of Silence —Pgs.89

Pangs —Pgs.93

Loneliness —Pgs.95

Tug-O-War —Pgs.97

Untimely Exit —Pgs.101

Test O’ Mettle —Pgs.103

Recession —Pgs.105

Change the Order —Pgs.107

Shipwreck —Pgs.111

Part 4 : Mind — Magic of Resurrection

3-D Effect —Pgs.117

Leading the Way —Pgs.119

Call of the Forest —Pgs.121

Imagining History —Pgs.123

Learning Curve —Pgs.127

Yoga has Arrived —Pgs.129

Return to the Old Fold —Pgs.131

The New Year Reiteration —Pgs.133

The Quality Imperative —Pgs.137

The Eyes of the Beholder —Pgs.139

For the love of Nature —Pgs.141

The Goal of Life —Pgs.143

The Author

Amritanshu Prasad

Amritanshu Prasad has written on topics covering the wide spectrum of life and themes that affect us at some point of time or the other. He  enjoys writing on Management topics and satires as well as topical issues and also has a penchant for English prose and poetry.  
A Post Graduate in Economics from St. Stephen's College, Delhi and an MBA from BIT Mesra, he has profound experience in leading organisations in the field of HRM, Business Development and Corporate Affairs. He has 
an excellent track-record of managing the Human Resources & Industrial Relations as well as business development function in Indian as well as transnational context both at the strategic 
as well as operational level. Recipient of several awards and recognitions, he has authored many papers and management articles and has represented his organisations in several national and international seminars.
His interests comprise literature, music, sports, socio-economic issues and poetry. ‘Magic of the Mind’ is his first collection of work in poetry. 

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