The Root Cause

The Root Cause   

Author: Alok Jain
ISBN: 9789352661084
Language: English
Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan
Edition: 1
Publication Year: 2017
Pages: 344
Binding Style: Hard Cover
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ANGEL and DEVIL both reside inside us. AYURVEDA – one of the Vedic Sciences of India had explained this logic very beautifully using concepts of SATTVIC – the minds possessing positive virtues and TAMASIC – the minds with negative virtues arising out of passion and ignorance due to the force of inertia. It explained how different foods invoke the sattvic or tamasic quality in our minds and that how a tamasic mind not only leads to physical and mental diseases but it also manifests itself into a chaotic state of mind leading to crimes, with scales ranging from as small as uncontrolled/aggressive behavior to as big as ruthless killings in the name of cast/ creed/ religion/ countries.

ASTROLOGY is another occult science of Vedic wisdom that is inseparable from Ayurveda which explains that how each one of us has been gifted a different body and mind by the nature and that how Ayurvedic principles can be applied on different bodies and minds to invoke the Sattvic mind for leading a blissful life.

This book is first of its kind to explain the concepts of Ayurveda, Astrology and other allied sciences of Vedas in the modern scientific language that a layman understands.

The occult sciences will no more be a secret.

At a stage, when this civilization has reached the tipping point, it is up to us whether we just go with the flow and inertia to move into a world full of chaos and misery or learn from our mistakes and gift a beautiful world to our future generations by invoking the Angel within us.

Remember that eating right is the foremost Karma if we wish to reclaim the GOLDEN AGE because


Also remember that since each one of us has been gifted a different machine, its needs are also different from others. And that is why


The Author
Alok JainAlok Jain

After completing his graduation in Botany, the author Alok Jain, served the Indian Army as a Short Service Commissioned Officer. During his civil stint he has worked in various organisations managing the Infrastructure, Facilities, Procure-ment, Health and Safety. Currently, he is employed as a Property and Facilities Head in a Telecom Giant. It was those soul stirring experiences which he has captured in the beginning of the book that pushed him to study the various fields of Vedic sciences and literally live through them. Over a period of years, the author has realised that science and spirituality are inseparable. His advice to all, especially the younger generation, is that Knowledge, especially the knowledge of self and its sincere implementation on ground is the only tool which can transform this world into a heaven. And therefore it’s essential to understand the connection between science and spirit.

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