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Mission 21st Century   


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Author Y.S. Rajan
  • ISBN : 9788184302783
  • Language : English
  • Publisher : Prabhat Prakashan
  • Edition : 1st
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More Information about International Finance: Theory and Policy, 10th ed.

  • Y.S. Rajan
  • 9788184302783
  • English
  • Prabhat Prakashan
  • 1st
  • 2014
  • 216
  • Hard Cover


Human knowledge about Nature and its processes have accelerated many fold during the 20th Century; as also the human capabilities to engineer the Nature’s resources on a mass scale for human consumption. Most of the dreaded diseases of past centuries have been eliminated.
World population may touch 10 billion by 2050. Impact of human activities on Nature may threaten existence of Life on earth.
Therefore the human beings during 21st Century have to learn to live with Nature. There is no going back to the distant past; nor continue 20th century methods. This is a challenge: sharp disparities in consumption between Nations and within societies are stark. India has a special challenge: how to solve the immediate problems of poverty and the slow down of economic growth and at the same time minimise use of Natural Resources. Chapters address these vital issues with practical suggestions for governance, business policies, science, technology and engineering from Agriculture to all sectors. The readers can, after reading the book, equally contribute, with informed minds



Author’s Note —Pgs. 7

Acknowledgement —Pgs. 13

1. Agricultural Prosperity —Pgs. 17

2. Agriculture: Process and Policies —Pgs. 25

3. Water : For Life and Growth —Pgs. 31

4. Technology for Conservation, Diversification and Growth —Pgs. 37

5. Biotechnology: A Friend for Universal Well-Being —Pgs. 43

6. Standards: Tool for Confidence Building or for Domination? —Pgs. 49

7. Basic Issues and Dilemmas —Pgs. 56

8. Disasters: Management and Mitigation —Pgs. 64

9. Globalisation: Dismantling or Re-engineering? —Pgs. 69

10. Development Challenges: Knowledge Asymmetry —Pgs. 76

11. Building of a Learning Society in India —Pgs. 82

12. Learning: Unending and Extensive —Pgs. 88

13. Learning, Innovation, Moderation —Pgs. 94

14. Governance: Creative and Adaptive —Pgs. 99

15. Numbers, Truths and Informed Decisions —Pgs. 106

16. Back to Agriculture and Manufacturing —Pgs. 114

17. Now-to-India Services Sector —Pgs. 120

18. Nature: Common Good, Global and Local —Pgs. 125

19. Ideology of Diversity: Role of Youth —Pgs. 137

20. Governance: Essential and Critical —Pgs. 147

21. Access to Affordable Medical Services —Pgs. 157

22. Foresight and Attention-to-Details —Pgs. 164

23. Corruption : Corrosive and Cancerous —Pgs. 171

24. Waste: Minimisation and Utilisation —Pgs. 181

25. Values for Sustainable World —Pgs. 190

26. Alternative World 2030: India’s Options —Pgs. 198

27. Nature: The Unknown Perils —Pgs. 208

Epilogue —Pgs. 216      

The Author

Y.S. Rajan

Y.S. Rajan has a proven track record of excellence as a Scientist, Technologist, Administrator, Organisation Builder and Leader, Diplomat, Academic, Writer and Poet. He combines a unique ability for original and innovative thinking with strong implementation skills. He has made key contributions to space research, technology and applications since 1964 and continues to be an important expert on space matters.
As Principal Adviser (2004-2010) he created unique mechanism at CII for University – Industry collaboration. He has written seven books of poetry in an Indian language, Tamil and three books of English poems which have received very good reviews. He was awarded Padma Shri by the President of India during 2012.
During January 2013, he was felicitated at the India Geospatial Forum, with Lifetime Achievement Award.

Key Current Positions
Honorary Distinguished Professor, ISRO / Department of Space, Bangalore
Chairman, National Institute of Technology (NIT), Manipur


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