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Empowering Children With Disabilities   


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Author Sanjay Prasad , Deepa Sonpal , Suman Vaishnav
  • ISBN : 9789352663217
  • Language : English
  • Publisher : Prabhat Prakashan
  • Edition : 1
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More Information about International Finance: Theory and Policy, 10th ed.

  • Sanjay Prasad , Deepa Sonpal , Suman Vaishnav
  • 9789352663217
  • English
  • Prabhat Prakashan
  • 1
  • 2017
  • 552
  • Hard Cover


The wide ranging of issues and concerns debated in the chapters in this book by the authors throw light on the challenges confronting persons with disabilities in their daily lives.
Sanjay Prasad, Deepa Sonpal and Suman Vaishnav



Contributors — Pgs. 9

Acknowledgments — Pgs. 19


Sanjay Prasad, Deepa Sonpal and Suman Vaishnav — Pgs. 21

1. Government of India’s Initiatives for Children with Disabilities (CWD)

Stuti Narain Kacker — Pgs. 43

2. Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act-2016: A Report of Initiatives by the Government of Gujarat

Kamal Kumar Dayani — Pgs. 67

3. Understanding Disability

Shabnam Rangwala — Pgs. 83

4. Rights Based Approach to Disability and Development: A Conceptual Frame-work

Victor John Cordeiro — Pgs. 109

5. Childhood and Disability: A Forgotten Discourse of Inclusion

Bubai Bag — Pgs. 137

6. Socialised into (Dis)Ability: Experiences of Disabled Children in India

Nandini Ghosh — Pgs. 156

7. Children on the Brink – Emerging Practices for Inclusion of Children with Deafblindness

Akhil S.Paul — Pgs. 178

8. Girl Children with Disabilities in India

Asha Hans — Pgs. 194

9. Inclusion and Inclusive Education

Shabnam Rangwala — Pgs. 213

10. Environmental Design Considerations For Children With Autism

Rachna Khare — Pgs. 233

11. Revisiting Child Rights: Explorations of Disability in a Rural Context

Manoj Joseph and Srilatha Juvva — Pgs. 266

12. Promoting Education of Children with Mental Retardation at Secondary Level of Education: The Way Ahead

Bhushan Punani — Pgs. 294

13. Towards UNCRPD in practice: Learning from Inclusive Practices in Education

Deepa Sonpal and Vanmala Sunder Hiranandani — Pgs. 318

14. Challenges and Concerns of Providing Vocational Education to Children with Disabilities in India

Priyanka Behrani — Pgs. 341

15. Skill Training for Adolescents with Disabilities: A Study of Industrial Training Institutes in Jharkhand, India

Deepa Palaniappan and Praveen Kumar — Pgs. 360

16. Universal Design India Principles; a Contextual Framework for Universal Design Practice in India

Rachna Khare — Pgs. 388

17. Adoption of Universal Design for Learning for Meaningful Inclusion

Tanmoy Bhattacharya — Pgs. 404

18. Gaps in Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities In India: Experience of National Platform for the Rights of the Disabled

Muralidharan. V — Pgs. 425

19. Rights of Children with Disabilities: Strategic Choices for Inclusive Development

Deepa Sonpal — Pgs. 446

20. A Child With Disability Has Equal Right To Free And Compulsory Education

Krishna Pal Malik — Pgs. 469

21. Realigning Social Protection and Security Interventions for Persons with Disabilities in India

Deepa Sonpal — Pgs. 494

22. A Disability Perspective on Economic Reforms in India

Vanmala Sunder Hiranandani and Deepa Sonpal — Pgs. 518

The Author

Sanjay Prasad
Deepa Sonpal
Suman Vaishnav

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