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Ramayan Retold With Scientific Evidences   


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Author Smt. Saroj Bala
  • ISBN : 9789353222611
  • Language : English
  • Publisher : Prabhat Prakashan
  • Edition : Ist
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More Information about International Finance: Theory and Policy, 10th ed.

  • Smt. Saroj Bala
  • 9789353222611
  • English
  • Prabhat Prakashan
  • Ist
  • 2019
  • 480
  • Hard Cover


The book narrates the biography of Lord Ram with exact dates of important events, depicting corresponding sky views and weaving other supporting scientific evidences into the story told by Maharshi Valmiki. It moves Ramayan from the domain of mythology to the realm of History.
The book provides credible and scientific answers to the questions —whether Shri Ram was actually born? Whether he had actually travelled from Ayodhya to Lanka to save millions of noble people from the atrocities of ignoble? Whether he had really set the example of an ideal welfare state? 
Methodology adopted is path breaking and futuristic! All astronomical references were extracted sequentially from Ramayan. The corresponding skyviews were generated using Plane-tarium & Stellarium softwares. Readers can enjoy watching how the sky looked bright with five planets in their exalted positions when Shri Ram was born. 
Evidences from archaeology & archaeobotany, geology & oceanography, remote sensing & genetic studies have also been beautifully woven into the story to support this astronomical date sequence. Beautiful pictures of Setu, Sea Level Curve and of many excavated articles mentioned in Ramayan have been made a part of the book.



List of illustrations —Pgs. 13

Foreword: By Smt. Sumitra Mahajan —Pgs. 21

Preface: why this book —Pgs. 25

Introduction: background and approach —Pgs. 33

Chapter-1: Shri Ram's early days - from birth to marriage —Pgs. 51


1. Maharishi Valmiki composed Ramayan during life-time of Shri Ram —Pgs. 51

2. King Dasharath and the Putrakameshti yajna —Pgs. 54

3. The birth of Shri Ram, Lakshman, Bharat & Shatrughan —Pgs. 63

4. Shri Ram & Lakshman accompany Sage Vishwamitra —Pgs. 81

5. Journey towards Mithila; story of Ganga narrated by Sage Vishwamitra —Pgs. 84

6. Shri Ram breaks the famous bow; his marriage with Sita is solemnized —Pgs. 96

Chapter 2: Events in Ayodhya; Shri Ram is exiled for fourteen years —Pgs. 109


1. Irony of fate: auspicious time of coronation turns into the time of departure for exile —Pgs. 109

2. Lakshman and Sita decide to accompany Shri Ram to the forest; outcry of sorrow and grief in the palace of Ayodhya —Pgs. 120

3. Journey from Ayodhya to Shringverpur; meeting with Guh Nishad —Pgs. 128

4. Three Royal Ascetics go across Ganga; Lakshman builds a beautiful cottage in Chitrakoot —Pgs. 136

5. Events back in Ayodhya; Death of the Great Emperor —Pgs. 142

6. Emotional Meeting of Bharat with Shri Ram in Chitrakoot —Pgs. 158

Chapter 3: Life in Dandakvan: from Chitrakoot to Panchavati —Pgs. 171


1. Three Royal Ascetics visit Hermitages of Sages Sharbhang and Sutikshan —Pgs. 171

2. Shri Ram receives Celestial Weapons from Agastya Muni —Pgs. 177

3. Life in Panchavati; Mutilation of Surpanakha when she  pounced upon Sitaji —Pgs. 181

4. Solar eclipse observed in Panchavati before war with Khar and Dushan —Pgs. 185

5. Ravana abducts Sitaji and imprisons her in Ashok Vatika in Lanka —Pgs. 193

6. Grief-stricken Princes go in search of Sitaji; visit Shabari Ashram —Pgs. 206

Chapter 4: Shri Ram and Lakshman go in search of Sita: they meet Sugriva and Hanuman —Pgs. 211


1. Shri Ram and Lakshman meet Hanuman and Sugriva on Rishyamook Hill —Pgs. 215

2. Vali gets killed with Shri Ram’s arrow; Solar eclipse observed in Kishkindha —Pgs. 221

3. Coronation of Sugriva: Shri Ram lives on Mount Prasravan during Rainy season  —Pgs. 232

4. Sugriva’s complacency and Lakshman’s warning —Pgs. 237

5. Sugriva dispatched troops in all directions in search of Sitaji —Pgs. 240

6. Sampati informs Hanuman and Angad about route to Lanka —Pgs. 244

Chapter 5: Hanuman meets Sita in Ashok Vatika: Briefs Shri Ram thereafter —Pgs. 251


1. Hanuman takes a leap from Mahendragiri to reach Lanka in search of Sitaji —Pgs. 251

2. Hanuman finally spotted Sitaji under a Simsapa tree in Ashoka Grove  —Pgs. 257

3. When Ravana was threatening Sitaji, a lunar eclipse was observed from Lanka  —Pgs. 262

4. On meeting Hanuman, Sitaji gets a new lease of life —Pgs. 270

5. Hanuman damages Ashok Vatika and kills Ravana’s youngest son Akshay Kumar —Pgs. 275

6. Ravana orders setting Hanuman’s tail on fire: Hanuman burns golden city of Lanka —Pgs. 280

7. Hanuman puts some courage in Sitaji & instills fear in Ravana before going back to Shri Ram —Pgs. 282

8. Hanuman leaps back to Mount Mahendra and thereafter gives complete information to Shri Ram about Sitaji —Pgs. 289

Chapter 6: Valiant Shri Ram killed the abductor of his virtuous wife after constructing a Bridge across the sea —Pgs. 297


1. Shri Ram’s forces cross Sahya, Malay Mountain Ranges to reach the northern coast of the Southern Sea; Astronomical Positions described match the Skyview generated  —Pgs. 299

2. Vibhishan is humiliated by Ravana in Open Court and he seeks protection from Shri Ram —Pgs. 308

3. Construction of Ramsetu under the directions of Nal, a great architect —Pgs. 312

4. Sugriva’s armies take position near Suvela Mountain; many chieftains of Ravana’s army are killed  —Pgs. 320

5. Ravana is wounded and Kumbhakaran is killed by Shri Ram in the battle —Pgs. 332

6. Shri Ram and Lakshman regain consciousness with herbs brought by Hanuman; thereafter Lakshman killed Indrajit —Pgs. 340

7. Fierce encounter of Shri Ram with Ravana; at last Ravana gets killed —Pgs. 350

8. Funeral of Ravana; Vibhishan is coronated as the king of Lanka —Pgs. 355

9. Journey back to Ayodhya; Shri Ram is coronated as the king of Ayodhya  —Pgs. 359

Chapter-7: Establishment of Ram Rajya, Banishment of Sita and Development of Eight Kingdoms —Pgs. 371


1. Shri Ram establishes Ramrajya – an ideal welfare state  —Pgs. 371

2. To avoid infamy and save his progeny from embarrassment, Shri Ram sends pregnant Sitaji to Valmiki Ashram —Pgs. 375

3. Shatrughan is sent for killing Lavanasur to save the people from his atrocities —Pgs. 378

4. Ashwamedha Yajna in Naimish Aranya with image of Sitaji in gold —Pgs. 381

5. Luv and Kush captivate the audiences with melodious singing of Ramayan —Pgs. 383

6. Sita’s challenge leaves people of Ayodhya repentant and stupefied  —Pgs. 384

7. Shri Ram got developed eight capital cities for the eight princes —Pgs. 386

8. The last journey of Shri Ram, Lakshman, Bharat, Shatrughan and others  —Pgs. 390

9. Ramayan composed by Maharishi Valmiki, is the story of the ideals set up by Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram and divine lady Sitaji —Pgs. 397


One to Seven List:

1. Basic Concepts of Ancient Indian Observational Astronomy —Pgs. 409

2. Critical analysis of Astronomical dates of Ramayan determined by other scientists and scholars —Pgs. 422

3. List of Astronomical and Historical Dates of References in Ramayan —Pgs. 433

4. Concept of Yugas Re-examined: Interpretations and Clarifications —Pgs. 436

5. Why some facts are different in this book from the facts normally believed to be true? —Pgs. 442

6. List of Scientists and Scholars who provided valuable inputs —Pgs. 449

7. Glossary —Pgs. 455

Bibliography —Pgs. 463


The Author

Smt. Saroj Bala

Saroj Bala had distinguished herself as an officer of the Indian Revenue Service. She holds degrees in Law and Political Science. A series of inexplicable events in the beginning of 21' century changed the course of her life. She plunged herself whole-heartedly into multi-disciplinary scientific research to ascertain about the historicity and antiquity of Vedas and Epics. She remained the Director of the Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas during 2009 to 2017. 
Her first book entitled "Historicity of Vedic and Ramayan Eras: Scientific Evidences from the Depths of Oceans to the Heights of Skies" was published in 2012. She is widely accepted as a genuine scientific researcher on the subject. 
G.J. University of Science & Technology, Hisar conferred the degree of Doctor of Science on her for this research. She has made presentations on the subject in several universities. Most of the TV channels have been telecasting her comments as an Expert on this subject. 
The research methodology adopted by her is extremely credible. She extracts all astronomical references sequentially from Vedas and Epics and then generates the corresponding skyviews using Planetarium softwares. Supporting evidences from archaeology and palaeobotany, geography and geology, oceanography and ecology, remote sensing and genetic studies are also beautifully woven into the story. 
Before the present publication 'Ramayan Retold with Scientific Evidences' her last book titled 'Ramayan ki Kahani, Vigyan ki Jubani' was released in October 2018. Currently she is working on "Mahabharat Retold with Scientific Evidences".


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