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Contemporary Science   


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Author Pallava Bagla
  • ISBN : 9789352667192
  • Language : English
  • Publisher : Prabhat Prakashan
  • Edition : Ist
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More Information about International Finance: Theory and Policy, 10th ed.

  • Pallava Bagla
  • 9789352667192
  • English
  • Prabhat Prakashan
  • Ist
  • 2018
  • 272
  • Hard Cover


Science  has  touched everything—from smart phones to satellites; from burgers to chapatis; from yoga to the gym—all have been impacted by technology. Mostly good, some evil. 
The world is today driven by developments in science and technology. All aspects of our lives are impacted by what humble scientists pursue hidden away in laboratories. India is changing fast and the country is making friends with science and scientists. A lot of science is complex and hard to comprehend but here is collection of fifty top essays written on contemporary topics in science which give a ring side view of developments. Science is fun—enjoy the wide canvas of this avid book which covers from atomic energy to solar energy; from giving every Indian a Mangalyaan in his hand to unearthing the real cause of air pollution. 
A collection of simple and short topical essays for any person interested in science and the developments taking place in this vast field.






1. Magic Millet: Poor Man’s Cereal gets an Enrichment Boost to Cure Anaemia—19

2. Wealth from Waste: A Novel Indian Biotech Solution that Efficiently Convert Agri-Waste into Alcohol—22

3. A Miracle Rice that Saved India from Famines!—27


4. Go, Ligo-India Go where no One has gone before! A Nobel Prize Awaits—33


5. Is Ganga Water Special because of an Enigmatic X-Factor, Government Launches Intensive Search to Resolve the Mystery of this ‘Brahma Dravya’!—39


6. A Ticking Time Bomb, waiting for the next big Earthquake Scientists try to Decipher Signatures of Past Temblors—47

7. India: A Leader in Tsunami Warnings—52

8. Science gets a tight embrace in the Modi government—58


9. Is Solar Power the Real Solution to India’s Energy Crisis?—65


10. Everyday Plastics Spell Doom for the Oceans—71

11. Beef eating is Bad for Environment. Shun Beef Save the Planet say Experts!—75

12. In a Global First, the World Bank goes to a Zoo in India!—79

13. New Delhi choking! root cause Stems from a Deep Crisis in Indian Agriculture!—83

14. Killer Air: Solution to Pollution is not Dilution but better Public Transportation—88


15. The Weight Loss Paradox: Low Fat Diets are no better than High Fat Diets in the Long-Term!—93

16. WHO urges India to be Vigilant, as a New Deadly ‘Camel Virus’ shakes the Soul of Seoul City—96

17. Mobile Phones, White Coats and Neckties all part of a Doctor’s Attire Spread Dangerous Infections—100

18. India could be Hit by a Tsunami of Obesity!—104

19. What ails India? A New Study finds on any given Day about 35 Million Indians could be Unwell!—108

20. ISRO’s Rocket Technology to power Human Hearts—112

21. Health Ministry’s Own Survey Projects a Bleak Picture—116

22. Taming a Tiny Terrorist called TB, Indian Scientists provide New Insights for Drug Discovery—120

23. Failing Antibiotics: The World Wakes up to the Worst Horror!—124


24. Burgeoning Indo-US relations: Denial of Visas to Scientists remains A Big Thorn in the Flesh—131

25. Amazing Molecules with Life-Saving Properties discovered Literally from the Cold by Indian Biologists—136

26. ‘Human Sacrifice’ in Shiva’s abode inside the Kingdom of God Particles. Irrational behaviour by European Scientists riles India!—141


27. Presence of Radioactivity in Steel could dent the ‘Make in India’ Effort—147

28. Waste to Wealth: BARC Pioneers New Life Saving Radiation Technology—151

29. Kakrapar Atomic Plant Leak Exposes a ‘Mysterious’ chink in Armour; Indian Nuclear Plants need urgent Systemic Safety Review—155

30. Fourteen Year ‘Vanvas’ ends in Kudankulam bringing Cheers & Tears at India’s Secretive Nuclear Establishment—160

31. At Pokharan Indian, designed planes & missiles show firepower, DRDO quietly exults —166


32. ‘Kalam Island’ should be the New Name of Wheeler Island, the ‘Karam Bhoomi’ of India’s Missile Man A.P.J. Abdul Kalam—173

33. Mother Teresa was a Living ‘God’ Why Attribute Irrational Miracles to Her for Granting Her the Status of a Saint—178

34. M.G.K. Menon a Remarkable Polymath Scientist Leaves a behind Big Void!—183


35. Coming soon a Never before Reactor; Friendship Satellite and a New Universal Polio Vaccine: Big-Ticket Sci-Tech Push Expected in 2016—191

36. On Its Platinum Jubilee an aging CSIR cries for Renewal, but is Forced to Behave Likes a Glorified ITI!—196


37. Modi Sarkar Anniversary: Mangalyaan brought Cheers; the Monsoon could bring Tears; while Scientists live in Fear—205

38. Modi’s Gift a Mangalyaan in Every Hand!—210

39. Back to the Future from Food Rationing to Cash Rationing!—214

40. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ‘entrepreneurial’ advice to PM Narendra Modi on ‘start up India, stand up India’—218


41. America Looks to Partner in India’s Quest for Deep Space Exploration! As India goes Planet Hunting, ISRO Eyeing Venus, Mars and Asteroid—225

42. India and China set Their Eyes on a Joint Satellite Constellation even as Pakistan bails out of SAARC Satellite—229

43. ISRO’s Big Leap Embarks on Launching an Indian Space Shuttle!—234

44. ISRO’s Century Emboldens it to Embrace Private Sector. But is the Love Affair One Sided?—238

45. ISRO in Service of the Indian Soldier and the Indian War Machine—244

46. ISRO’s French Connection—250

47. Moon shot Politics: Will an Indian start-up ‘Tea Indus’ beat ISRO in Planting India’s Flag on the Moon?—255

48. Troubles from Neighbours make India and Israel Forge Friendly Ties in Space—260

49. Touching Lives : ISRO’s space technology can save lives of soldiers at the Siachin Glacier —263

50. Big gains for ISRO under Modi. ‘Ache Din and a Naya Savera’ for the Indian space community as NAVIC was navigated into place—268

The Author

Pallava Bagla

Pallava Bagla (54) is a charismatic science communicator respected for his deep understanding of Indian S&T system. He has won many national and international awards for his work. Explaining complexities of science in a simple language is his forte. His pioneering work, showcasing India’s maiden mission to Mars and Moon has been applauded; this aired in English and Hindi for New Delhi Television. In his two decades of writing for the prestigious American weekly ‘Science’, his stories have highlighted India to the world. 
Bagla is a reputed author whose works have been received very well and recognised for his ability to communicate complexities of science to the common person. He has won three national awards for his science writing and he runs a daily photo blog on Twitter titled ‘Enjoy Nature’ and pens a weekly column on science and technology titled ‘Web of Science’ for the Press Trust of India (PTI) and is a contributing photographer for Getty Images. 
He has served as the President of the International Science Writers’ Association and was a member of the Executive Board of the World Federation of Science Journalists. At the National Institute of Advanced Studies in Bengaluru, he served as Shri TV Raman Pai Chair Visiting Professor of Science Communication.
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