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The Quest of Gold


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Author Atul Sehgal
  • ISBN : 9788184301366
  • Language : English
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More Information about International Finance: Theory and Policy, 10th ed.

  • Atul Sehgal
  • 9788184301366
  • English
  • Prabhat Prakashan
  • 2015
  • 184
  • Hard Cover
  • 370 Grams


The quest of gold is a work of fiction – the life story of Rajiv Prakash, nicknamed Raju, a boy coming off a lower middle class family of Delhi who rises to become a wealthy businessman through the dint of his own efforts driven by intense ambition and a fiery zeal to succeed. The story is told in a typical urban setting of a traditional family of Delhi living under modest economic means. Raju beats all odds to make a mark for himself in professional life after defying his very conservative parents who wanted him to tread the beaten track, without taking financial risks. His strong self-belief sees him rise fast up the ladder of success in the world of business. After having realized his childhood ambition of acquiring big wealth, he experiences a void within which wealth cannot fill. He turns to politics to serve the destitute and the have-nots but meets stiff resistance to his plans and actions from corrupt political and bureaucratic class. Raju finally realizes that life had different lessons to teach him probably as ordained by destiny and life means much more than the plain fulfillment of one’s material ambitions.



1. The Quest of Gold —Pgs. 7

2. The Funny Side —Pgs. 14

3. A New World —Pgs. 22

 4. Harsh Realities —Pgs. 30

 5. The Rigours of Life —Pgs. 38

6. New Opportunities —Pgs. 48

7. Turns and Twists of Life —Pgs. 56

8. The Rising Crescendo —Pgs. 63

9. Life – The Multihued Rainbow —Pgs. 73

10. Greater Heights —Pgs. 82

11. Wedding Bells —Pgs. 90

12. Be as You Think ! —Pgs. 96

13. Life, a Battleground —Pgs. 104

14. The Changing Equations —Pgs. 113

15. You Learn All The Way —Pgs. 121

16. New Frontiers in Business —Pgs. 130

17. The Pathetic Face of Indian Business —Pgs. 138

18. Revelations —Pgs. 145

19. The Currents of Destiny —Pgs. 153

20. The Miserable Face of Society —Pgs. 160

21. Changing Priorities —Pgs. 168

22. Operation Clean-up —Pgs. 176

23. The Final Course —Pgs. 182

The Author

Atul Sehgal

A Delhi based senior professional in the power infrastructure industry. He is an Engineering Graduate form Delhi University and MBA from FMS, Delhi University. He has lived in Saudi Arabia and India. Born, brought up and settled in Delhi, he has seen the dynamics of this city from close quarters. This is his first novel.

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