The Girl With Unshed Tears & Other Stories

The Girl With Unshed Tears & Other Stories   

Author: Suryabala
ISBN: 9788184303216
Language: English
Edition: 1
Publication Year: 2015
Pages: 160
Binding Style: Hard Cover
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Dr. Suryabala is a highly established and widely acclaimed writer, endowed with creative talent, sensitivity and vision.
The canvas of her writing encompasses villages, towns, metros and even foreign lands. She  exhibits  the  open mindedness required in a writer and rises above the narrow considerations of any particular ideology, class or literary  movement.  Her creative genius thrives on newer milieu and themes with changing backgrounds and, consequently, enables her break new ground in her stories and novels to bare the ever existent human afflic-tions and anguish.
Stories of this collection take their inspiration from our inner emotions which are far more profound, vigorous, comprehensive and genuine than the expressed ones. The anguish of deteriorating cultural and moral values pierces Suryabala to her very heart and is the main source of her creativity. Her craft and style of writing, enriched with lyrical language, is ever fresh and draws readers with its own magnetism.

The Author

One of the leading lights of Hindi literature for the last 40 years, Dr. Suryabala has left an indelible impression across stories, novels and humour/satire. Her works have been published by leading periodicals and magazines as also in novel form. Translations into various languages have found wide acclaim while a number of her stories and satires have been adapted and tele/broadcasted on radio and television. She has participated in, and Chaired, several national and international literary seminars organised by universities, Hindi academies and state governments.
5 novels, 15 story collections, 5 satire collections, one memoir published and very well received in the literary world. She has been honoured and awarded by several state governments and institutions including  the  Priyadarshini Puraskar  by  Maharashtra Government, the Maharashtra Hindi Academy Award, the Ratni Devi Goenka Award and the ‘Vyangya Sri’ award by the Hindi Bhavan Nyas.
She can be contacted at
+91 22 2550 4927 (Res.)                                  
  +91 9930968670 (M)
+91 9323168670 (M)

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