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Mediclaim And Health Insurance (PB)   


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Author Kshitij Patukale
  • ISBN : 9788184302622
  • Language : English
  • Publisher : Prabhat Prakashan
  • Edition : 1
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More Information about International Finance: Theory and Policy, 10th ed.

  • Kshitij Patukale
  • 9788184302622
  • English
  • Prabhat Prakashan
  • 1
  • 2014
  • 222
  • Soft Cover


The first book about Mediclaim and Health Insurance.
The book details the Mechanism of Mediclaim policy, How it works, How Underwriting is achieved and most important How to get Claim! The Book distinguishes health insurance policies and products offered by various General, Life and Health Insurance Companies. The book is a perfect guide for Health Insurance planning for the family and self. It denotes the barriers and hurdles in the process of buying and claiming the benefits under the Health Insurance Policies. Cashless Facilities, TPA and Consumer Grievances Redressal procedures are the key notes of the book. A detailed roadmap and pathway for smooth claim procedures with specimen forms and value added information in annexure. The book explains on how to avail Central and State Government sponsored Health and Medical facilities with additional information on How to get Medical Help!
This is a book to be read Before Buying Mediclaim and Health Insurance Policy…
A book useful After buying Mediclaim and Health Insurance Policy…



Foreword — Pgs. 5

1. Concept of Health Insurance — Pgs. 13

2. History and Scope of Health Insurance — Pgs. 23

3. Structure and Working of Health Insurance — Pgs. 30

4. Principles of Health Insurance — Pgs. 38

5. Types of Health Insurance — Pgs. 48

6. Health Insurance Policies of

General Insurance Companies — Pgs. 55

 7. Health Insurance Policies of

Health Insurance Companies — Pgs. 75

8. Health Insurance Schemes of

Life Insurance Companies — Pgs. 80

9. Government Medical Services and

Health Insurance Schemes — Pgs. 88

10. Underwriting of Health Insurance — Pgs. 99

11. Claim Processing of Health Insurance — Pgs. 108

12. Cashless Mediclaim Processing and TPA — Pgs. 117

13. Health Insurance Planning—When? Which?

How Much? How? and From Whom? — Pgs. 125

14. Health Insurance Grievance Redressal and

Insurance Ombudsman — Pgs. 136

15. What If There is No Health Insurance?

Medical Aid…. 142

Annexure – 1

Toll-Free Numbers and Websites of

Insurance Companies and TPA — Pgs. 148

Annexure – 2

Frequently Asked Questions alongwith Answers about Health Insurance — Pgs. 160

Annexure – 3

Difference between Medical or

Health Card and Mediclaim (Health Insurance) — Pgs. 172

Annexure – 4

Portability of Health Insurance — Pgs. 176

Annexure – 5

Health Insurance or Mediclaim? — Pgs. 179

Annexure – 6

Third Party Insurance and Hit and Run Accidents — Pgs. 183

Annexure – 7

Various Definitions under

Mediclaim-Health Insurance Policies — Pgs. 186

Annexure – 8

What is Meant by Exclusions? List of

Certified Exclusions — Pgs. 193

Annexure – 9

Hospital Empanelment: Criteria and Procedure — Pgs. 199

Annexure – 10

List of Insurance Ombudsman and Their Jurisdiction — Pgs. 202

Annexure – 11

Specimen Forms — Pgs. 204

The Author

Kshitij Patukale

"Prof. Kshitij Patukale, Director Insurance Academy, Pune, PhD Scholar in Insurance, Yogic Stress Management, Fellow Insurance Institute of India, MMS, LLB (Spl), MA (Eco.) MA (Indology), DBM, GDC&A,DED, DIE, DLW, Rashtrabhasha Pandit, Yoga Therapist, DNM.
Author of many books: Insurance for Everyone, Retirement Planning for Youth, Mediclaim + Health Insurance, How To Get Medical Help, Kardaliban: A Divine Experience—The books have been translated into many languages and have record readership.
Columnist : National and International Newspapers / Magazines, etc. Associated with a number of acedemic and social activities. A versatile personality with a wide range of interests in diversified fields like Academics, Education, Management, Youth Development, Indian Cow, Panchakoshatmak Yoga, Hindu Economics, Alternative Energy, Vedic Science, Networking, Adventure Mountaineering and Trekking, etc.
A humble student of life who loves his country, dharma and fellow countrymen. E-mail:

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