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Control Aids Thru Homoeopathy (PB)   


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Author R K Kapoor
  • ISBN : 8184300778
  • Language : English
  • Publisher : Prabhat Prakashan
  • Edition : 1
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More Information about International Finance: Theory and Policy, 10th ed.

  • R K Kapoor
  • 8184300778
  • English
  • Prabhat Prakashan
  • 1
  • 2009
  • 248
  • Soft Cover


A case of AIDS is a war, a fierce battle between HIV and the treating physician, a battle that he never dreamt of, and one that he never witnessed.
This is manifested by the fact that though the Founder of Homoeopathy Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann wrote six volumes on Organon of Medicine and made various changes yet he did not give instructions to withdraw any of the volume or its section or its aphorism. The author Dr. R.K. Kapoor has tried to take advantage of his thought process. He has endeavored to dig out his hidden treasure but has kept it flexible with the premonition that there may come a time when a disease like AIDS may manifest itself and wipe out a bulk of global population.
Homoeopathy has come to the rescue of people. It does not claim at this point of time, to provide a complete cure, as it is in the process of development. However it can pave the way to control AIDS and shower the boon of longevity on its sufferer. The methodology evolves around the idea of how to stop the onward journey of the virus; how to cage it and cripple it. Once it is achieved the physician will have plenty of time for an onward journey to bring out a complete eradication of this deadly disease. Dr. Kapoor has a record of treating millions of acute, chronic, curable and incurables cases successfully in India and abroad. He now desires to convey to the patients of HIV/AIDS that it is unquestionably curable and can be controlled instantaneously with the help of homoeopathic therapeutics.



1. AIDS What it is — Pgs. 13

2. History of AIDS — Pgs. 15

3. AIDS in Children — Pgs. 16

4. AIDS in women — Pgs. 19

5. HIV in India — Pgs. 20

6. How HIV is transmitted — Pgs. 22

7. Etiology of AIDS — Pgs. 25

8. Difficulty in treating AIDS — Pgs. 27

9. Pathogenesis — Pgs. 34

10. Immunity, Autoimmunity and Immunodeficiency — Pgs. 36

11. Immune System Vs HIV/AIDS Vs Homoeopathy — Pgs. 37

12. HIV Signs and Symptoms – At a Glance

with Homoeopathic Treatment — Pgs. 39

13. Four Phases of HIV/AIDS — Pgs. 49

14. AIDS-Related Opportunistic Infections — Pgs. 50

15. Investigations — Pgs. 63

16. Clinical Diagnosis — Pgs. 68

17. Differential Diagnosis — Pgs. 69

18. Management of HIV — Pgs. 71

19. Popular Drugs for AIDS — Pgs. 74

20. HIV-infected Parent’s Final Illness Toughest on Teens — Pgs. 78

21. Global picture with who : Time to get back

to basics in hiv battle — Pgs. 79

22. Treatment — Pgs. 83

23. My First Interaction with AIDS — Pgs. 85

24. My Other Cases of AIDS/HIV — Pgs. 87

25. Are AIDS Victims Amative, Amorous, Lewd, and

Lascivious as well as Homosexuals? — Pgs. 89

26. Hahnemann’s Miasmatic Theory vs AIDS — Pgs. 91

27. Miasm — Pgs. 94

28. Dr. James Tyler Kent–an endeavor by Me to fill his

Incomplete Mission — Pgs. 129

29. HIV/AIDS dilutes the Gigantic Miasmatic Theory of

Hahnemann with Ease — Pgs. 131

30. HIV/AIDS and Homoeopathic Constitutional Remedies — Pgs. 133

31. HIV/AIDS Paralyses Constitutional Treatment — Pgs. 140

32. Final Bid AIDS can be Caught, Caged, Controlled and

can also be Paralyzed — Pgs. 141

33. Break some Cardinal Principles of Homoeopathy

when Occasion Arises — Pgs. 144

34. Hahnemann Mildly Denounces the Use of more than

One Medicine at a time — Pgs. 146

35. My Personal Observation — Pgs. 151

36. Hahnemann’s Hidden Treasure–Multiple

Medicine & Polypharmacy — Pgs. 155

37. Doses — Pgs. 157

38. The Repetition of the dose — Pgs. 158

39. A brief outline of Aors–Bacillinum and

Carcinosin or Carsinosinum — Pgs. 162

40. Some Random Cases That Need Physicians’ Attention

How To Overcome Them by Combination Medicines

At The Fourth Phase of The Disease. 165

41. Palliation Vs Cure Vs Eradication — Pgs. 229

42. Treatment of HIV/AIDS in association with pregnancy (exclusively to be treated by homoeopathic practitioner) — Pgs. 231

43. Positive Thinking With Etiology of Ego, Greed,

Anger, Foolishness and Lust–Says Buddha — Pgs. 233

44. Management of HIV/AIDS — Pgs. 243

45. Treat HIV/AIDS at very low Cost — Pgs. 246

46. Warning — Pgs. 248

The Author

R K Kapoor

Dr. R.K. Kapoor is a renowned scholar and one of the most eminent and successful homoeopaths of the country who hardly needs introduction. His latest book on ‘Control AIDS Thru Homoeopathy’ has already aroused a high expectancy in homoeopathic circles because of his public lectures at national and international forums where he had revealed some of the sensational discoveries made by him for eradicating the deadly disease. He has a string of achievements to his credit in academic fields related to Homoeopathy and they have won him accolades from the highest dignitaries of the land. It is his desire that the researchers engaged in the field of HIV/AIDS find a solution to conquer the virus. He feels that they should not hesitate to exchange their opinion with those of the field of Homoeopathy if necessary. Dr. Kapoor has a vast teaching experience with has been involved in the comprehensive study of human nature. In his maiden book ‘Single Remedy Cure’, he has talked about a single remedy ‘Gelsemium Sempervirens’, which is capable of curing one-fourth of the chronic diseases spread worldwide.

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