Author: Susheel Kr Batra
ISBN: 8184300220
Language: English
Edition: 1st
Publication Year: 2006
Pages: 231
Binding Style: Hard Cover
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This novel is the story of a young idealist who despises the deterioration of our social set up all around. He aspires to see qualitative changes in his social surroundings resulting in a prosperous India, better than even its glorious past.
He starts loving a girl. However, his ideals come in the way of his love. As he is a believer in God's design in which there is full scope for humane efforts, so the result is obvious. There is nature's bounty which eliminates all the obstacles in the way of his love.

The Author
Susheel Kr Batra

He graduated in engineering from REC, Kurukshetra and later did his PGD in ecology and environment from IIEE, New Delhi. He then served in the power sector of the state government undertaking, where he displayed his skills in foreign assignments. Later he also served in central government institutions, etc. Being a literary person and creative by nature, he opted for retirement as an Executive engineer to fulfil his creative endeavours. He can be contacted at

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