English Made Easy (Paperback)

English Made Easy (Paperback)   

Author: Subhash Jain
ISBN: 9789352660537
Language: English
Edition: Ist
Publication Year: 2017
Pages: 720
Binding Style: Soft Cover
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ENGLISH MADE EASY introduces basic concepts of grammar in a format which inspires the reader to use linguistic arguments. The target audience for the book is school students, covering the introductory syntax level and going through to more advanced college level material. For this reason, the book starts from the beginning and tries to make as few pictures as possible about linguistic notions. A student pursuing an academic course can easily comprehend the next and grasp the ideas if he is equipped with a good knowledge of language, and fare better in the examination.

The Author
Subhash JainSubhash Jain

Being an M. Sc. (Physics) from the University of Rajasthan, Subhash Jain is an experienced educator and teacher-trainer, and an enthusiastic presenter, who has conducted numerous workshops, training seminars, professional development programmes, and consultations for educators and parents for over twenty years. He has also trained teachers of six senior secondary schools of NIMS, Dubai. Some of his papers and articles have been published in national and international newspapers, journals and magazines. One of his published books, How to Prepare for HT-JEE' is an informative/instructive publication for students preparing for the HT-JEE examinations.

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